publication alert- Science paper for Frank lab

CCB research to be published in the leading journal, Science!

A new study led by Dr Tim DuBuc and Professor Uri Frank from the Centre for Chromosome Biology at NUI Galway uncovers the genetic mechanism that is used by the marine invertebrate, Hydractinia, to make germ stem cells; these cells are the exclusive progenitors of gametes (eggs or sperm). Surprisingly, a similar mechanism is known to drive germ cell development in mice and humans. This discovery, thus, links sexual reproduction in two remotely related animals groups (press release here). Drs Andy Baxevanis (National Institutes of Health) and Christine Schnitzler (University of Florida) collaborated with the Galway team. An article presenting these findings has been published today in the journal Science.

Transcription factor AP2 controls cnidarian germ cell induction

By Timothy Q. DuBuc, Christine E. Schnitzler, Eleni Chrysostomou, Emma T. McMahon, Febrimarsa, James M. Gahan, Tara Buggie, Sebastian G. Gornik, Shirley Hanley, Sofia N. Barreira, Paul Gonzalez, Andreas D. Baxevanis, Uri Frank

Science14 Feb 2020 : 757-762

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