The Centre for Chromosome Biology (CCB) aims to provide a highly focused, interactive and dynamic research environment where international researchers can come together to investigate the biological significance and medical applications of chromosome structure and dynamics.


Research groups at NUI Galway with a primary focus on aspects of chromosome biology can participate in the CCB. The Centre is currently composed of 11 core research teams based in the Discipline of Biochemistry and the neighbouring National Centre for Biomedical and Engineering Science (NCBES), as well as four associate groups, all based at NUI Galway.


The Centre is run by a committee comprising all Principal Investigators, under the leadership of the Director. In order to achieve and maintain the highest standard of research, the CCB has established a Scientific Advisory Board. Consisting of a panel of scientific experts from related fields,  the board meet with the CCB biennially to discuss the quality, significance and direction of the various groups, and provide feedback.

  • CCB Director: Prof Noel Lowndes
  • Scientific Advisory Board:
    • Prof Wendy Bickmore
      Head of Chromosomes and Gene Expression, Medical Research Council Human Genetics Unit, University of Edinburgh, UK (website)
    • Prof John Diffley
      Scientific Director, Cancer Research UK Clare Hall Laboratories, Hertfordshire, UK (website)
    • Dr Tom Misteli
      Head of Cell Biology of Genomes Group, Laboratory of Receptor Biology and Gene Expression, National Cancer Institute, NIH Bethesda, USA (website)


The CCB evolved from the Genome Stability Cluster, founded in 2001. Originally a group of three researchers interested in the DNA damage response, the research cluster expanded rapidly in both numbers and scientific scope until it included 11 research groups studying the inter-related chromosomal themes of DNA repair, DNA replication, chromosome segregation and transcription regulation.

In 2008 this grouping was recognised with full centre status by NUI Galway to better reflect our scope of interests and the organisational needs of the larger group of collaborating researchers.

In the summer of 2014 the CCB moved to a new purpose- built research institute, the Bioscience Building, located on the North campus of NUI Galway.