Researchers in the CCB have access to a variety of state of the art equipment located in-house in the Biomedical Research building, at the NCBES, and at other locations on campus. Expert training and guidance is provided to all new users. The centre’s research facilities include advanced microscopy, flow cytometry, mass spectrometry, cell culture and fermentation suites.


CCB members have in-house access to a number of microscopes as well as to facilities at the CMI (The Centre for Microscopy and Imaging).

  • Confocal microscopes
  • Scanning Electron Microscope with EDX
  • Transmission Electron Microscope
  • Scanning probe Atomic Force Microscope
  • DeltaVision Core and DeltaVision Elite, both high-resolution, fully integrated, flexible, widefield fluorescence microscopes optimised for live cell imaging


Flow cytometry

Analysis and cell sorting capabilities using:

  •   2 laser, 6 parameter BD Accuri C6 Sampler high throughput analytical cytometer
  •   2 laser, 8 parameter BD FACS Canto A analytical cytometer
  •   3 laser, 10 parameter BD FACS Canto II analytical cytometer
  •   4 laser, 13 parameter BD FACS Aria II high speed cell sorter
  •   Biorad Bioplex 200 multiplex ELISA system


Screening core

By integrating state-of-the-art lab automation, imaging equipment and technical expertise, the Screening Core has been established in the Bioscience building to provide a central resource for Irish academic and industrial research groups looking to quickly expand and advance their current research. These automated discovery tools enable conventional cell-based biological reporter assays to systematically test large numbers of compounds or genes in a faster, more reliable and less expensive way than is possible manually, while providing a platform for novel assay development to interrogate model systems in new ways.



Functional Genomics Core Facility

The Functional Genomics Core Facility primarily supports researchers interested in determining the expression of their gene(s) of interest in various conditions. These may be different tissue types (healthy vs. diseased), cell types (treated vs. non-treated) or even species. Gene expression studies are typically performed using quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR) or microarrays.

Equipment available:

  • Applied Biosystems StepOne Plus (x2)
  • Roche LightCycler 480 II
  • Agilent DNA Microarray Scanner
  • Agilent Microarray Hybridisation Oven
  • Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100


Cell culture and Fermentation

A number of modern cell culture suites rated at safety class I and II are located in the centre.

A fermentation facility in the Department of Biochemistry provides the capability for continuous growth and large batch production of biomass.

Mass spectrometry

The mass spectrometry system managed by NCBES consists of GCT and QTOF high-resolution mass spectrometers. This state of the art facility offers the ability to obtain high resolution mass spectral data by GC-MS, LC-MS, direct infusion or by direct insertion of a solid sample.