Positions available

Postdoctoral positions

Open postdoctoral positions are advertised on the NUI Galway human resources website and in the international scientific media.

Candidates interested in pursuing fellowship applications to national (IRCSET, HRB, Breast Cancer Campaign, Wellcome Trust etc.) or international (EMBO, HFSP, Marie Curie, etc.) agencies should contact potential supervisors directly.

Postgraduate positions

PhD positions occasionally arise. They may be listed below. Alternatively, you can contact a group leader directly to enquire about availability.


Undergraduate summer studentships

Groups in the Centre occasionally take on undergraduate students each year for 10-12 weeks over the summer for research experience. These students may be supported by grants from funding bodies such as the Biochemical Society or Health Research Board, or by the group directly.

Support is usually targeted at students about to enter their final year of study in biochemistry, and international candidates are encouraged to apply. Interested candidates should contact potential supervisors to discuss possible options.